a self-challenging challenge #1 :vegan for 2 weeks

Hello my friends, i am back and better than ever (nah not true but it’s sounds cool). Maybe some of you remembered me saying that i was going vegan for three weeks. No? Ok let’s just forget about it then because i FAILED. When you’re so used to a certain lifestyle, you really need some motivation to turn your lifestyle around. I didn’t know the benefits of being vegan, so my motivation wasn’t there. Friday, october 27th this is going to change; i’m going vegan (this time for real haha) for 2 weeks.

Let’s look at the benefits of being a vegan:

  • you can take a stand against animal cruelty and animal exploitation
  • you will help decrease animal production, which will lead to less carbon dioxide (because animals produce gass). Aka you’re helping the earth.

I found this on a site about what happens when carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere : ‘Earth’s sister planet Venus is a good example of what happens when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. The planet Venus is almost exactly the same size as the Earth and is made up of just about the same materials. For many decades, scientists believed that life might thrive on the surface of this celestial neighbor. However, as we learned more about Venus, it was discovered that the levels of carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere was much higher than that of our own atmosphere.’

Summary: Earth is almost the same as Venus. The only difference is that there’s too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus, which means there’s no life. If there keeps coming loads and loads of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Earth, it might lead to no life on Earth.

  • increased energy, younger looking skin
  •  A plant-based diet requires only one third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet. So you’ll help decrease famine.

If that isn’t motivational, idk what is.

I’ll keep you updated about the changes i’ll experience in the upcoming 2 weeks.


love anne




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