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5 years ago, I decided to start using make-up. In the beginning it was just for fun, I was only eleven years old and wearing make-up was one of the coolest things you could do back then. After a couple of years I started to wear make-up to hide my imperfections. I just didn’t feel comfortable going out in public with bare skin. So I decided I needed a change.

I threw every single make-up product that made me hide something I was insecure about, away and bought some organic products to replace them. And here I am, showing you all make-up and cosmetics I use, mostly on a daily basis.


I always use shea butter to make my skin less dry. I think it’s really intriguing to know that shea butter (the raw kind) is made from the Karité tree, which only grows on the African savannahs. Shea butter is amazing if you strive to have a healthy and flexible skin.

I also use this lipbalm from Alverde (bought at DM, Germany), but it’s almost completely used up, so I guess it’s time for a lil trip to Germany.


You can use coconut oil for so many things, such as removing your make-up, shaving and as bodylotion. So, in my opinion, really something you should have in your possession!


I use an Alverde mascara and a browpencil. There’s not really something to tell about them, they both do their job haha.

poeder 2

These are powders. The big one is a foundation powder, the middle one is a highlighter and the small one is an eyeshadow (but I use it as eyeliner). All three are really natural when applied and it seems they never use up, so that’s good, right? I got these from my mum, but you can also order them here.



Note to you (& me): Self- compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others

love anne


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