songs you probably haven’t heard before

Recently I’ve been searching for new, unique artists, since I’m 100% done with all the mainstream beats and lyrics in popular songs. Here are some songs (pop,alt/indie) you probably haven’t listened to before, and lemme tell you; they are gooood.

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a food diary

I’ve watched some documentaries like ‘Cowspiracy’ and this video and they made me think about going vegan. There’s only one way to find out if something is for you; just try it! So that’s what I’m doing; going vegan for 3 weeks! Today is the first day I so I thought it’d be fun to show you what I ate!

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beauty products & cosmetics i use

5 years ago, I decided to start using make-up. In the beginning it was just for fun, I was only eleven years old and wearing make-up was one of the coolest things you could do back then. After a couple of years I started to wear make-up to hide my imperfections. I just didn’t feel comfortable going out in public with bare skin. So I decided I needed a change.

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